Friday, August 3, 2007


Nic's baseball team only lost one game this season (which happened to be the only one Nic couldn't go to because of scout camp, humm..) Not that I am saying much about my awesome son but a weird superstition the team had was they never washed their uniform pants. And they always tried to get to the same dugout at every game so they arrived extra early. And everyone had a nickname on the back of their jersey (Nics was Squirel) Nic played 2nd base, short stop and pitched when needed. Sorry don't know his stats but I do know he always batted first. Nic was awarded the MVP for the year so he got the team flag which everyone signed. I really enjoy going to my boys games. Nic is very into the game which makes it fun to watch and cheer him on.

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Youngblood4ever said...

Hey Val- I am ready for some more updates. Found your blog of the bushman's blog and thought I'd check it out. Love what you have done so far... looking forward to some more!!!!